The new standard for internal tools

Internal tools are essential for modern companies. Despite this, most companies either spend engineering resources building custom half-baked solutions, or glue together janky apps with an internal tool builder. Worst of all, almost all companies end up building the same core functionality for their internal tools.

We believe there's a better way. A tool that's polished out-of-the-box, yet flexible enough for the vast majority of companies. An internal tool you'll actually enjoy using.

Welcome to the future of internal tools.

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Our team has led development of large-scale, mission-critical software and design projects at companies like Shopify, ServiceNow, ElementAI, Asurion, and Mark43.

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Y Combinator

Summer 2020

Bobby Goodlatte

Form Capital

Dylan Field

CEO, Figma

Akshay Kothari

COO, Notion

John Lilly

Former CEO, Mozilla

Michael Giles

Former CEO, Cash App