Retool changed the way internal tools are built.

Basedash makes it so you don’t have to build them at all.

Basedash has a different philosophy. We believe that product teams should be free from internal tool technical debt, maintenance, feature gaps, and that power features are aren't just for developers and admins.

No credit card required

Get started 10x faster

No queries, code, or dragging and dropping required. Basedash does the heavy lifting with opinionated UIs, layouts, and default common functions like global search and record editing.

Admin app in 22:15

We're not Retool masters, so if you can build it faster, send us a recording and we'll update this, credit you, and send you some Basedash swag.


Admin app in 3:52

You can't drag-n-drop a collaborative foundation

Basedash has powerful multiplayer and performance-focused features that aren't possible with other internal tool builders. Every performance, UX, and app improvement we make to Basedash improves your internal tool.

AI Assistant

We use AI to eliminate small, but tedious tasks within Basedash, freeing you up to spend less time making tools and more time building your product.

Command bar

Navigate and control your workspace with a keypress—the command bar is the fastest way to work.

Desktop app

A dedicated workspace deserves a dedicated workspace. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Keyboard navigation

Breeze through your tasks with fully keyboard-optimized workflows.

Mobile responsive PWA

Be prepared wherever you are, with the full power of your internal tools on-the-go. Great for field services teams or helping customers wherever you are.

Real-time multiplayer

Never worry about overwriting your teammates' changes again. Edits happen in real-time so you can work together, as a team.

Where Retool is better

We're a seed-stage startup, and as a result, we don't recommend using Basedash for complicated internal tools that require integration with APIs for reading data, workflows, or custom components (yet). Retool is established, extremely well-funded, and been building and shipping a great product for over 5 years.