Schema folders

Screenshot of BaseDash showing two folders within a database representing database schemas.

February 26, 2021

Schema folders

We noticed that some users have large numbers of tables across multiple schemas in their database. Until now, we were organizing these in the sidebar by showing the full schema and table name for each list item in the sidebar (e.g. "public / Users"). This worked, but the repeated schema names looked ugly and often resulted in table names overflowing past the sidebar.

This week, we added a second level of organization in the sidebar for database schemas. We automatically detect any schemas in your database and create folders for them which can be individually expanded to show the tables within. This should greatly simplify navigation in big databases with multiple schemas.

If you only use a single schema (like "public"), you won't notice a difference since we flatten the structure to save you a click.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added highlight to data type icon in column headers to indicate which column is the table identifier
  • Fixed views with specific column types crashing

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