Related views section

Screenshot of the BaseDash sidebar showing a new "Related" section containing views.

June 7, 2021

Related views section

We've been doing a lot of experimentation around navigation in the app. The latest change we're trying out is a "Related" section in the sidebar that intelligently shows views that are related to the page you're currently on. If you're on a view or raw table, this includes any views with the same base table. If you're on a query, it includes other queries based on the same data source. This should speed up navigation in the app, especially when exploring data.

We'd love to hear your thoughts as we build in public. Join our Slack community to chat with other power-users, as well as our designers and engineers—we're constantly updating BaseDash based on user feedback.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated positioning of sidebar items
  • Changed primary attribute column to not be sticky on smaller screen sizes
  • Fixed CSV downloads containing column names and values with certain characters
  • Fixed primary attribute becoming transparent when highlighted via search
  • Fixed column default values being detected incorrectly
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