New view creation flow

Screenshot of BaseDash showing the new view settings page.

July 12, 2021

New view creation flow

This week we revamped the way you create, edit, and share views. We now have a full-page experience that allows you to configure and preview your view in real-time, across multiple layouts (table, list, and chart). This brings all view configuration options to one place, allowing you to craft your perfect view.

Newly created views are saved to Drafts which are only visible to admins. You can publish your view to the rest of your team in one click. This makes is easy to work on a view on your own time, then publish it when you're ready to share with your teammates.

Collaborators can still navigate views by searching and sorting, but only admins can edit the view to change core settings like filters and joins. Admins can access view settings by clicking the "..." menu in the header of a view, then clicking "Edit view".

We think this new format for creating and managing views simplifies the process for admins, and allows us to add more customization in the future without cluttering the view interface. We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the BaseDash Slack community.

New view layout switcher

We also updated the layout switcher on views to use a newly designed segmented controller. This better-exposes your layout options for working with your data, and lets you switch your layout in one click.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved accessibility of the switch component
  • Fixed date column values being cut off in table layout
  • Fixed search term not being visible after applying a search
  • Fixed future date values showing as "Out of range"
  • Fixed foreign key popovers appearing behind sticky columns
  • Improved foreign key popover styling
  • Fixed undoing values not showing changes immediately on the form panel
  • Fixed toggling the enabled status of Slack notifications on views
  • Changed null values to display as a dash
  • Updated all list attributes to be left-aligned
  • Updated the data type icon for foreign keys
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