Public roadmap

Screenshot of the Basedash public roadmap showing a list of feature requests.

August 16, 2021

Public roadmap

Today we're launching our public roadmap, where we'll be accepting feature requests and tracking their progress as we build. This gives us an easy way to track which features are most highly requested and update our roadmap accordingly.

We'd love to hear what you're looking forward to in Basedash. You can access the roadmap and request a feature at

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added an error message when connecting a data source fails in unexpected ways
  • Fixed Slack notifications
  • Updated styling of data source connection form
  • Added a demo database and view to all new workspaces
  • Fixed data source configuration loading incorrectly
  • Fixed data source configuration header spacing on desktop
  • Fixed data source configuration headers not always being the same height
  • Fixed uneditable table cells visually showing as editable in some cases
  • Fixed entire tables showing as uneditable in some cases
  • Fixed "Unable to load view" toast appearing multiple times
  • Fixed "display as checkbox"
  • Fixed upgrading and downgrading workspaces
  • Fixed views being removed when editing certain data source configurations
  • Improved realtime performance
  • Fixed linking to raw tables from the command bar
  • Updated onboarding email sequence
  • Updated styling of view titles
  • Fixed CSV downloads only loading the first page of data on SQL views
  • Fixed filter popover z-index issue
  • Fixed attribute popover overflowing page
  • Fixed attribute popover button spacing
  • Added padding to bottom of data source configuration panels
  • Updated data source configuration headers to be sticky
  • Fixed foreign key popover input styling
  • Fixed sidebar items being ellipsed too aggressively
  • Updated segmented controller styling to match inputs
  • Fixed data source connection to allow for very long credentials
  • Fixed search query and page number carrying over between views
  • Updated styling of inputs in view settings to match other inputs
  • Fixed views loading multiple times after being created
  • Fixed sort popover attribute items all being the same
  • Fixed views with large number of attributes not loading
  • Fixed SQL views in chart layout being paginated
  • Fixed editing datetimes by text
  • Added custom default value for "SSL enabled" when connecting a data source depending on hosting provider
  • Fixed collapsible arrow being visible in sidebar items when expanded
  • Fixed new views not showing up immediately in views page
  • Updated icon for chart layout
  • Added automatic query saving
  • Updated styling of "Run query" button

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