Workspace switcher and desktop navigation

Screenshot of Basedash showing a new workspace switcher dropdown and back/forward navigation buttons in the top navbar.

November 23, 2021

Workspace switcher and desktop navigation

Expanding on our new global navbar from last week, we've added a workspace switcher, and back/forward navigation buttons (on desktop). This now makes the top navbar your hub for all top-level navigation around the app, with the sidebar acting as a way to jump between specific content.

We have more desktop-specific improvements planned for future releases. If you haven't already, you can download the Basedash desktop app for all platforms here:

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added custom scrollbars
  • Added special text to indicate empty string cells
  • Removed view data refresh when resizing columns
  • Improved loading performance for self-hosted instances
  • Improved layout on mobile to prevent content being overlayed
  • Updated ordering of data sources in sidebar to prioritize connected, healthy data sources
  • Fixed joined table attributes not appearing in view builder until refreshing
  • Fixed primary attributes of joined tables not loading
  • Fixed disconnecting attributes
  • Fixed data sources not being removed from the sidebar after removing a data source
  • Fixed foreign keys not loading in SQL Server databases
  • Fixed updating data source name and connection status
  • Fixed enum cell padding being too big
Full changelog →

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