Edit text columns as dropdowns

Screenshot of Basedash showing ability to enable "Restricted values" on attributes.

November 30, 2021

Edit text columns as dropdowns

You can now configure certain text columns in your database to be editable as a dropdown with a restricted set of values. This is very useful in cases where you don't want to use an enum, but have a limited set of allowed values. This improves the editing experiences, and prevents cases of typos and mistakes that could cause errors due to incorrect values.

You can enable this on a per-attribute basis in your data source settings. Just enable "Restrict values", then enter the allowed values, one per line.

Improved view and table search

We've updated the search functionality in the root Views and Data pages to let you quickly navigate to a specific page you're looking for. Now, when you open either the Views or Data page, you'll simply see a search bar, with a super performant and keyboard-navigable list of matching views or tables.

Hit '/' to select the search bar, use the arrow keys to navigate the list, then hit return to open the selected view or table.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added ability for admins to change a member's role
  • Added workspace icons to all items in the workspace switcher
  • Added persistence to raw table column widths across workspaces
  • Added persistence to data source sidebar collapsed state for sections
  • Added loading indicator to data sidebar after connecting a new data source
  • Added primary attribute to "Visible in list" section in view builder
  • Improved the configuration of the global navbar
  • Eliminated unnecessary data reload when resizing columns in a view
  • Updated the "Jump to" bar to trigger the root command bar
  • Fixed CSV downloads showing numbers instead of column names
  • Fixed foreign keys of joined tables not showing values
  • Fixed newly joined table attributes not immediately appearing in view builder
  • Fixed inputs overlapping in filter popover
  • Fixed banner in demo workspace creating unnecessary scrollbars
  • Fixed null foreign keys showing as an empty chip
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