Settings page redesign

Screenshot of Basedash showing the new Settings page.

March 7, 2022

Settings page redesign

We redesigned our Settings page to use a new layout which allows for easier navigation, especially for admins of a workspace. There’s now a dedicated settings sidebar which includes pages to manage you Profile, Preferences, Workspace, and Billing. (There’s also a secret Roles page, but that’s for a future update).

These new settings will give us room to grow as we add more configuration and preferences to Basedash.

New Business plan

We introduced a new pricing plan called Business, which has ample limits on views, members, and data sources. It’s meant for companies that have out-scaled the Startup plan, but don’t need self-hosting on the Enterprise plan.

You can see the full pricing breakdown here:

Or upgrade your workspace here:

Custom select component

We built a custom select component which is used across the app in forms. It has great accessibility with keyboard shortcuts, typeahead support, and styling that matches the rest of the app.

You can check it out with the Role input on our signup page:

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed non-admins not being able to load SQL views
  • Fixed published views sometimes opening in edit mode by default
  • Fixed data source loading spinners not disappearing
  • Fixed checkboxes not visually updating in the table after toggling
  • Fixed rich text editor appearing below new record row in tables
  • Fixed workspace upgrade flow
  • Fixed foreign key dropdowns not showing any values
  • Fixed Sign In With Google on desktop
  • Fixed typo in email verification banner
  • Fixed database schema not syncing immediately after connecting a database
  • Fixed app crashing when opening some views
  • Fixed login inputs not being editable after entering an incorrect password
  • Fixed two-factor login flow

Full changelog →

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