Screenshot of Basedash showing the roles configuration page.

March 14, 2022


Today we’re shipping a big new feature to help bigger teams manage access to views. Roles are custom groupings of users that can be assigned access to certain roles. Some ideas for roles that we’re using internally at Basedash are Engineering, Marketing, Support, Investors, Core team. The possibilities are endless.

Members are only be able to access views that are assigned a role they are part of. All other views are hidden and inaccessible. In a view, a member’s existing permissions (Can edit or Can view) determine whether they can make edits to the data.

Members of a workspace can be assigned multiple roles (e.g. Engineering + Support), and views can be assigned multiple roles too. By default, all new members are assigned the Everyone role, and you can choose to just use this if you don’t have complex access requirements.

We think that roles will make a big impact on how big teams use Basedash. You can try roles out now by opening the Roles page in your Basedash settings. Try creating a new role, assigning some members, and adding some views to it. You’ll probably also want to remove access to that view from the Everyone role.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added member limit progress bar to invite member modal
  • Fixed theme picker styling
  • Improved flow for downgrading plans
  • Fixed rich text content overflowing beyond cells while editing
  • Fixed rich text cells appearing below other cells while editing
  • Fixed creating views on databases where the base table name exists in multiple schemas
  • Fixed onboarding flow triggering twice for new users
  • Fixed onboarding flow not triggering for users invited to a workspace
  • Added page title to onboarding flow
  • Fixed data sources not loading after switching workspaces for the first time
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