Improved Views and Data pages

Screenshot of Basedash showing the new Data page.

April 4, 2022

Improved Views and Data pages

Today we’re shipping a brand new experience to the Views and Data pages that shows you all of your views and collections in a searchable list, complete with full keyboard navigation. Before today, this list was only available after searching, but now the list will show up by default when you open the page.

You can take actions on views directly like favoriting, or right click on a view to quickly edit or delete it.

We’ve also added a Recents section so that you can quickly open up a view or collection that you had open recently.

Improved mobile responsiveness

From early on, we decided to build Basedash to support mobile devices, so that you can quickly monitor and make quick edits on-the-go. While mobile doesn’t make up the bulk of usage, it’s really important for use cases that come up every once in a while.

We just made a big update to our UI responsiveness to improve the experience on mobile. That includes:

  • Updated breakpoints for key UI changes
  • Full-width sidebar
  • Addition of workspace switcher

3x faster startup performance

After some deep digging into our app startup code, we managed to speed up the startup time for the app by 3x. This means that you’ll be able to jump into views and start editing way faster than before.

Performance is one of our top priorities while building Basedash. If you notice anything that doesn’t feel lightning fast, please let us know in our Slack community.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added confirmation dialog before deleting records
  • Added record details panel to view settings
  • Added support for filtering on enum columns
  • Added support for tables with primary composite keys
  • Added support for tables with no primary key
  • Updated sizing of various UI elements across the app
  • Updated SQL views to reset pagination after re-running a query
  • Improved styling of JSON and rich text cells in table layout
  • Fixed bug preventing editing of the first cell when creating a new record in table layout
  • Fixed record details header appearing on view creation page
  • Fixed view limit callout not being shown when at the limit
  • Fixed “Connect a data source” CTA not being hidden immediately after connecting a data source
  • Fixed logging out causing a redirect loop
  • Fixed new record row not showing “default” on columns with default values
  • Fixed markdown cells removing consecutive line breaks
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