New filtering system

Screenshot of Basedash showing filtering system.

April 18, 2022

New filtering system

We’ve implemented a new system for how filters are applied and persisted for views for different users. This involves a few different changes:

  • Filters applied from a view no longer alter the root filters on the view, they only apply for the current user
  • These non-root filters can be applied by any user, regardless of permission level (e.g. Admin, Can edit, Can view)
  • Non-root filters are persisted across sessions per-user
  • Non-root filters can be easily reset
  • Non-root filters are applied to the URL, so you can easily share your current filters with your teammates

Together, these changes mean that anyone can explore data on their own within Basedash, without inadvertently affecting what other users are seeing. We think that this will open up the ability for users to more freely explore and edit data as needed.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added interface to show member limit when inviting a member
  • Updated demo database
  • Fixed Slack alerts
  • Fixed views not being able to be created in some cases
  • Fixed table layout UI for views with large row heights
  • Improved responsiveness in views and collections
  • Improved responsiveness of record details panel
  • Improved error messages when data fails to load
  • Improved filtering UI for enum columns
  • Improve error messages when connecting a database
  • Added Easter egg in changelog
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