Record creation form

Screenshot of Basedash showing the new record creation form.

April 25, 2022

Record creation form

With the introduction of our new details panel last month, we decided to make use of it and improve the record creation experience.

The old method of creating records had a couple issues:

  1. It was only possible through the table layout
  2. It didn’t work for views where a required column was hidden
  3. It required a lot of horizontal scrolling for tables with many columns

Our new method puts the record creation experience in the details panel, in a simple form. We split the attributes into two sections: Required and Optional. This makes it easy to skim through just the required fields to quickly create records.

We also added the ability to “Create more”, which keeps the record creation form open, allowing you to create many records in quick succession.

As usual, the feature includes full keyboard navigation and was built with accessibility in mind.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated default for Supabase databases to have SSL enabled
  • Fixed alignment of tooltips with content
  • Fixed deleted views appearing in view creation UI
  • Fixed null booleans not being editable
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