List layout improvements

Screenshot of Basedash showing the newly improved list layout.

May 12, 2022

Improved list layout

We introduced the List layout last year, as our second ever layout type (after the humble table). This week, we’re shipping big improvements to the list layout that make it much more functional and beautiful.

First, we totally revamped the visuals of the list layout to make it look nicer. This includes better hierarchy, improved text styling, and cleaner element spacing.

Then, we improved the responsiveness of the list by allowing elements from a single record to stack. This makes the list layout experience much nicer on mobile, but also lets you expand the record details to take up the majority of the canvas on desktop.

Finally, we added the ability to select all records from the list layout for easier mass deletions.

Let us know what you think about the new list layout improvements in our Slack community here:

UUID support

We also added better support for tables that use UUIDs as their primary key. Now, when creating a record in one of these tables, we’ll automatically generate a UUID to use as the primary key. You can always override the value with your own if need be.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated styling of the top bar on desktop
  • Fixed foreign keys and enums not loading when starting a session on a view
  • Added pagination to activity page
  • Updated “favorite” icon
  • Updated view layouts to be user-specific preferences, rather than tied to the view
  • Fixed deleted views & queries still showing in the sidebar
  • Improved performance of favoriting views & queries
  • Updated tables to show their display name in the header, rather than the raw name
  • Fixed some views not showing up when adding views to a role
  • Added the ability to edit values in views with joins
  • Improved email sequence showing off features for new users
  • Fixed link to record from edits in the activity feed
  • Changed ordering of views to put published before drafts
  • Added database-specific icons in the Connections page sidebar
  • Fixed icon on tables
  • Added icons to profile dropdown
  • Fixed boolean filters showing an unnecessary dropdown
  • Improved responsiveness of inputs in record details panel
  • Fixed redirection to welcome flow when trying to access the signup page while already authenticated
  • Fixed reloading records not showing a loading spinner
  • Fixed sidebar not showing tables immediately after connecting a database
  • Improved styling of list items in Roles settings
  • Added ability to add roles to a view from the view’s settings
  • Enabled SSL by default on Supabase databases
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