Creation and deletion permissions

Screenshot of Basedash showing toggles for "Creation allowed" and "Deletion allowed" on a view.

May 23, 2022

Creation and deletion permissions

You can now set permissions on individual views to prevent record creation and deletion. This lets you create views for members of your team that should only have access to certain actions on your data.

You also still set database-level permissions to limit view and edit access on specific tables or columns.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed tabbing through records in the list layout
  • Fixed filtering on UUID columns
  • Fixed button styling when adding a connection
  • Fixed crash when navigating from one query to another
  • Fixed password in credentials page not showing the correct value
  • Improved error message when attempting to update credentials
  • Updated indentation on connections sidebar
  • Removed auto-focus on the first record in list layout
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