Card layout

Screenshot of Basedash showing the new card layout, with a grid of albums.

June 13, 2022

Card layout

We’re excited to launch our third ever layout type for views. It’s called Card layout.

Card layout is great for data that revolves around images, like users, companies, and products. It shows each record as a card with a prominent image and any other important info that you choose to be visible.

We think that card layout fits in nicely with our other two layouts, table and list, in letting you build the perfect admin dashboard for your data.

Try it out by creating a view and selecting “Card” as the layout. You can get an image to show up by clicking an image URL attribute in the view settings sidebar, and setting “display as” to image.

List layout images

Like with Card layout, you can also now show images in your list layouts. They’ll show up in the list so you can easily identify records based on their image.

Page descriptions

We also added quick descriptions to each top-level page to describe how each primitive in Basedash works. You can jump straight to the docs page for each page, and see quick video tutorials on how to do basic tasks.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added animations and transitions to various components
  • Added a progress bar to the welcome flow
  • Added a progress bar to the new connection flow
  • Improved the flow for trying to create view when at the limit
  • Improved feature flag system to allow users to access beta features
  • Improved placeholder UI for home page favorite cards
  • Updated styling of buttons
  • Updated cards on home page to use the view’s base table name instead of “records”
  • Updated list layout to allow any column to be shown first in the list
  • Updated placement of “Update credentials” button
  • Fixed views from the old workspace showing up after logging out and logging in as a new user
  • Fixed persistent loading screen when trying to load a workspace that no longer exists
  • Fixed alignment of traffic light icons on macOS desktop app
  • Fixed table column header width sometimes not matching the rest of the column
  • Fixed attribute dropdown in filter popover being too big
  • Fixed Basehash font not loading for obscured attributes
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