Connection summary

Screenshot of Basedash showing a summary of a newly connected database.

July 4, 2022

Connection summary

After connecting a database, we now show you all the steps we take to humanize your data in Basedash, including setting primary attributes, obscuring personally identifiable information, and prettifying table and column names.

You can review your database schema, and compare the humanizations made in Basedash. Note that we don’t make any changes to your database schema itself, just the way it’s

Sidebar search

You can now search the contents of any sidebar in the app to quickly find the page you’re looking for. You can also focus the search bar immediately with the keyboard shortcut “/”.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added tabs to view settings sidebar
  • Added the ability to delete records on tables with no primary key
  • Added support for real-time avatar list of more than 3 users
  • Moved view icon switcher to view settings
  • Moved query icon switcher to query settings
  • Moved ‘remove connection’ flow to a modal from the connection settings
  • Updated URL paths for connection-related pages
  • Updated styling of outlined buttons
  • Fixed workspace switcher text color
  • Fixed the activity page crashing the app in rare cases
  • Fixed accessing favorited views from the Home tab
  • Fixed connections not being removed after being deleted by another user
  • Fixed roles not being removed after being deleted by another user
  • Fixed new connections not immediately appearing in the sidebar
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