Record-level activity

Screenshot of Basedash showing a "History" panel with details about an edit that was made on a record.

August 16, 2022

Record-level activity

You can now see edits that have been made on a specific record. Just select the record in a collection page, then switch to the “History” tab in the panel on the right. You’ll be able to see a list of recent edits including the person who made the change, the before and after value, and the time the change was made.

Desktop app tabs

On the Basedash desktop app, you can now open apps as tabs to easily navigate between them. You can also switch between them with your keyboard by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + 1-9.

You can download the Basedash desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux here:

Drag pages between sections

You can now click and drag to move pages between sections in an app. This makes it way easier to organize your apps just the way you want them.

You can create a section by clicking “New” in the sidebar, then “Section”. Once you have multiple sections, you can simply click and drag a page to a new section.

Share button

We added a Share button on all pages within an app so that you can easily see who has access to the page, copy the link, and invite new members to your app.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added the ability to include links in page descriptions
  • Added a button to the date picker to select the current date
  • Added a button to the date picker to clear the value
  • Added a button to return to the Apps launcher from within an app
  • Added support for non-admins to sort collection pages
  • Added user-level persistence of sorts on collection pages
  • Added the ability to rename workspaces from settings
  • Added the ability to update workspace logos from settings
  • Added an indicator showing the number of pages in an app
  • Added template cover images when creating and editing apps
  • Added a link to download the desktop app from the profile dropdown
  • Added new content explaining page types when you create a new app
  • Added a new email alert for getting invited to an app
  • Improved performance of loading action-related data
  • Improved responsiveness of form fields at small screen sizes
  • Updated the behavior for opening apps on the web to not open a new tab
  • Updated styling of login and signup pages
  • Updated opening animation of modals
  • Fixed running actions with interpolated values
  • Fixed editing joined attributes on collection pages with joined tables
  • Fixed database tables not appearing in command bar after opening and closing an app
  • Fixed a bug where the page limit would be hit before reaching the full limit
  • Fixed help text on switches being squished
  • Fixed app members with edit access not being able to edit some data
  • Fixed sorting on database tables
  • Fixed action inputs not being cleared when navigating between actions
  • Fixed some optional attributes not being able to be hidden from collection pages in form layout
  • Fixed duplicating pages in an app
  • Fixed loading spinner appearing excessively on collection pages
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