View relations (beta)

Screenshot of Basedash, showing a list of Comments and Followers related to the selected user.

November 28, 2022

View relations (beta)

We’re excited to announce a beta release for view relations. View relations allow you to connect data together across different tables—or even different data sources—to easily see which records are related to the currently selected record. Once you create a relation on a view, you’ll be able to see a list of records related to the selected record in the right details panel.

For example, with view relations you can show:

  • Users in a selected workspace
  • Orders made by a selected customer
  • Products made by a selected manufacturer
  • Variants of a selected product
  • Anything else you can think of

Check out the full docs here:

See how it works in a quick video demo:

Redesigned sidebar navigation (beta)

We completely redesigned the sidebar to simplify navigation and allow you to quickly jump between pages, no matter where you are in Basedash. Along with this change, we also renamed “Apps” to “Teams”. Now, your teams appear as folders in the sidebar, letting you easily access the pages within.

Alongside the changes to the sidebar, we also made the decision to remove the raw table editor from Basedash. You can still create views of your database in the table layout, but nothing is created automatically after connecting a database. This change aligns the new user experience with our intended primary value of Basedash.

Because these changes are significant and remove some functionality, they have not yet been applied to existing workspaces, only newly created ones. If you want to upgrade your workspace to the new design, send us a message in the app, or in our Slack community. We plan to migrate all existing customers in the coming months.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added team membership indicators on the members page
  • Added the ability to create multiple views at once after creating a new team
  • Updated searches to save to the URL for sharing
  • Improved default attributes visible on views using AI
  • Removed members page in apps in favor of directly opening the members modal
  • Fixed searches not being cleared when switching between pages
  • Fixed filter values being reset when changing the filter column
  • Fixed views becoming temporarily hidden in the sidebar after being edited
  • Fixed HTML rich text editor not being able to be saved
Full changelog →

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