Private pages

Screenshot of Basedash showing a new "Private" section in the sidebar containing pages.

January 16, 2023

Private pages

Today we’re introducing private pages, a new space to create pages for yourself without sharing them in a team. You can use the private section to create views that are only relevant to you, or to draft new pages before publishing them to a team. As an admin, you can move pages between your private section and a team whenever you want (via “Move to team” in the overflow menu on a page).

Only workspace admins have access to a private section since only they can create new pages. However, private pages can later be published to a team to share with other workspace members.

The addition of private pages means that we’re removing the old published/draft system for pages. If you have any existing draft pages, you can easily move them to your private section to limit their access.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added transition to checkboxes in list layout
  • Updated styling of loading spinners
  • Removed desktop app prompt from sidebar
  • Updated background color of sidebar
  • Updated background color cards in card layout
  • Updated new page button to always be visible beside teams in the sidebar
  • Updated plus button on attributes list to always be visible
  • Updated all view attribute accordions to be open by default
  • Updated team badges in members page to show emoji
  • Updated view relations to auto-load immediately upon opening a view
  • Improved initial app load time by reducing bundle size
  • Improved error messages when deleting records fails
  • Fixed records with special characters in their primary key not being able to be updated
  • Fixed new page button being visible to non-admins
  • Fixed team row not being clickable
  • Fixed minor styling issue with sidebar padding
  • Fixed updating actions
  • Fixed resizing columns
  • Fixed actions not showing fields for non-admins
  • Moved link to Settings from the top of the sidebar to the bottom

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