Screenshot of BaseDash.May 10, 2021

Performance improvements

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve the performance of BaseDash. Unlike most software, we not only have to connect to our own servers, but also to your database, which adds another step into each network request. This means that we're fundamentally challenged on performance. Despite this, with good software engineering, we believe that we can build BaseDash to feel faster than 99% of software.

We spent the past week overhauling all of the code that manages fetching data. This allowed us to eliminate unnecessary network requests, add smarter client-side data caching, and improve data-loading dependencies. Here are the results:

  • Up to 25% faster page load times
  • Up to 80% less data transferred
  • Up to 70% fewer API calls

We're really happy with these results, but we think there's always room to improve performance, so it'll continue to be a priority moving forward. If there's any part of the app that you feel is slow, let us know on our Slack community and we'll prioritize it.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added a status page
  • Added a connection error indicator on databases in the sidebar
  • Improved search bar focus state
  • Improved record creation by automatically reloading data on creation
  • Fixed filters not being applied when loading a view
  • Fixed databases persisting in the sidebar after deletion
  • Fixed column widths in newly created views
  • Fixed "does not contain" filter
  • Removed expanded record modal
  • Removed column creation
Screenshot of BaseDash showing the views page with an item in the list selected.May 3, 2021

Views page keyboard navigation

We've improved the keyboard navigation on the views page to make it easier than ever to get to your data. You can now use the arrow keys or 'j' and 'k' to navigate through the list, 'return' to open the selected view, and 'f' to favorite a view, pinning it to the sidebar. You can also now press 'g' then 'v' to go to the views page. As before, you can press '/' to open search and jump straight to a view from anywhere.

We're big fans of keyboard navigation and aim to make the entire app keyboard navigable. We're currently about 90% of the way there.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated the styling of the views page
  • Fixed alignment of real-time avatars in the view header
  • Updated the "Save as view" button in tables to always be visible
  • Added favorite button to the view and query headers
  • Added an empty state for the favorites section in the sidebar
  • Switched the sort order for views using emojis
  • Updated header padding on desktop
Screenshot of BaseDash showing a new "Views" page that contains a list of views.April 26, 2021

New views page

Views are the base unit in BaseDash—they're how you organize data and share insights across your team. Until now, we've shown all your views directly in the sidebar. This works well when you just have a handful of views, but quickly gets out of control as your team generates many views.

To solve this, we created a dedicated page to see all your views in one place. Beyond just the name, we also show the database and table that the view pulls data from, and when it was created. From here, you can individually choose to favorite certain views that you use regularly to pin them to your sidebar for easy access. Favorites are unique to each user so they won't affect your teammates.

We also now sort views by their emoji first, then alphanumerically, which opens up another layer of organization to your views page.

We have big plans around how to let you organize views even more in the future—keep up to date by following us on Twitter.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated the action bar across tables, views, and queries
  • Added a dedicated page to view and add members to your workspace
  • Fixed enabling two-factor authentication
  • Fixed uneven line height of some links
  • Updated spacing of cards
  • Added record, table, and database chips on activity
  • Changed the cursor to arrow when hovering over most text
  • Added tooltips on table identifier chips to show the underlying value
  • Fixed native browser behaviour for Cmd + L shortcut
  • Fixed native browser behaviour for Cmd + Option + Left/Right shortcuts
  • Fixed getting logged out when connection to the server is temporarily lost
Screenshot of BaseDash showing a video of how to add BaseDash as a trusted source.April 16, 2021

Database connection instructions

Connecting to a database can be difficult, involving trusted sources, credentials, certificates, and more, depending on your setup. We've added inline instructions and videos on how to find some of this information while connecting a data source in BaseDash.

Specifically, we now show text and video instructions on:

  • Finding your database credentials
  • Adding BaseDash as a trusted source to your hosting provider
  • Connecting to a locally hosted database

We currently have videos for all major managed database hosting providers with plans to add more in the future.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated the icons for boolean and enum columns
  • Added a Security page
  • Fixed filters containing certain characters in their value
  • Fixed showing boolean values from queries
  • Added proper formatting for time columns
  • Fixed empty rows showing at the top of views in some cases
Screenshot of BaseDash showing a "Join Slack community" button.April 9, 2021

Slack community

BaseDash now has a public Slack community! We'll be using this to share tips and updates to the tool, and showing off some sneak peeks of product changes before they go live. It's a great place to chat with the team and other power users about the future of BaseDash, and how to use the tool to its full potential.

We try to be incredibly responsive to bug reports and feature requests. Let us know what's been bugging you in the #bugs channel, and what you'd like to see us add in #feature-requests.

Join the Slack community here—we're looking forward to meeting you!

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added custom tooltips across the app
  • Added an account dropdown to the sidebar to quickly access the changelog, Slack community, and support email
  • Fixed URL being persisted after logging in
  • Fixed crash after logging out and back in as a new user
  • Added hosting-provider-specific instructions on how to add BaseDash as a trusted source
  • Changed titles from uppercase to sentence case
  • Added a confirmation toast after connecting a data source
  • Updated the button icons on URL and foreign key cells
  • Added persistence to the email field when switching from the login to signup form
  • Fixed showing an infinite spinner instead of an error message when loading a view fails
  • Fixed real-time user avatars all showing your own avatar
  • Fixed cells randomly getting cleared while creating a new record
  • Fixed undoing boolean edits not showing the new value in the table
Screenshot of BaseDash showing the add database form.April 2, 2021

Redesigned add database flow

Adding a database is the first step of using BaseDash, yet it's one of the most difficult. We decided to totally redesigned the flow to make it simpler and to give more useful information while moving through the process.

We now ask you where your database is hosted so that we can automatically fill default values wherever possible, update form labels to match how they're presented by hosting providers, and link directly to your hosting provider's dashboard. We also plan to add inline videos showing how to find credentials for each hosting provider.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated toast animations
  • Fixed the cursor on checkboxes on the Activity page
  • Fixed queries layout on mobile
  • Fixed showing edits to or from a null value on the Activity page
  • Fixed setting date values using SQL functions like "now()"
Screenshot of BaseDash showing the activity page with a new "stories" feature.April 1, 2021


Expanding on last week's redesigned activity page, this week we decided to implement our most requested feature: stories. Stories let you quickly share snapshots of your views and queries from across your workspace. They're great for sharing wins like notable user signups and usage milestones. Stories disappear after 24 hours since they're meant to show relevant data in real time.

Of course, stories are fully keyboard-navigable—just press C then S to instantly create a story based off the page you're currently on. You can view active stories in your workspace on the Activity page along with your edit history.

We're excited to hear your feedback and see how you use stories to share insights across your team!

Other improvements and fixes

  • Migrated the codebase to WASM to improve performance
  • Added support for Figma as a data source
  • Removed Herobrine
Screenshot of BaseDash showing a list of edits made by teammates in the tool.March 26, 2021

Redesigned activity page

Being able to see activity within your workspace is incredibly valuable for teams using BaseDash. It lets you get a pulse for how your teammates are using the tool, and makes it easy to catch mistakes before they have an impact on your product.

We fully redesigned the activity page to show more context around edits, with things like checkboxes for booleans, nicely formatted dates, and properly indented JSON. This makes it much easier to quickly compare the before and after values of edits.

We have even more changes planned for the activity page that aren't quite ready to ship yet. Keep your eye out for future changelogs by following us on Twitter.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved the interface for queries, with the ability to toggle a fullscreen SQL editor
  • Improved the positioning of the callout on the add database page when connecting using SSH
  • Updated copy around data sources
  • Fixed the ability to add databases through SSH
  • Fixed the ability to copy a substring of text in a non-editable cell
Overview of plans and functionality for BaseDash, including Basic, Startup, and Enterprise.March 19, 2021

New pricing model

Our vision at BaseDash is to build the new standard for internal tools which enables everyone within a company to easily access the data they need to. Achieving this vision requires everybody from large companies, to early startups, to individuals working on side projects, to be able to use BaseDash. Our old pricing model was too prohibitive to certain small companies, so we decided to rethink it from the ground up.

Our new pricing model is designed to scale both functionality and cost in a way that makes sense for teams of all sizes. Our goal was to only include limitations for features that actually matter depending on your team size (e.g. unlimited edit history for startups, on-prem deployment for enterprise). Beyond that, we don't place any limits on the way you use the tool.

We also offer significant discounts/free access to non-profits and free open-source software projects on a case-by-case basis. Email us for more details.

We hope these changes allow more teams to use BaseDash to improve their internal tools.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added support for custom SSL certificates when connecting a database
  • Added a toast notification whenever there's an update available to the app
  • Migrated our entire codebase to TypeScript which will increase development speed and reduce bugs going forward
Screenshot of BaseDash showing a toast popup containing 3 edits.March 12, 2021

Contextual toasts

We totally revamped our toast system to show context around each edit you make, with the value before and after each change. If you make multiple edits in quick succession, we'll group them together into a single toast with controls to individually undo edits as needed. We think that showing a quick snapshot of each edit you make will reduce errors and increase speed and confidence in taking actions.

This update also improves error messages by grouping them together into a single toast, saving you valuable screen real-estate.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added Vim-style 'hjkl' keyboard shortcuts for table navigation
  • Migrated all icons across the app to our custom icon set
  • Added an internally shareable URL to the share menu in tables
  • Updated default user avatars to show initials
  • Fixed an issue where private views couldn't be created when at the limit for shared views
  • Fixed foreign key cells not showing updates immediately if they had a table identifier assigned

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