A database editor made for humans

Basedash is designed to remove the complexity and jargon of your data.

Traditionally, DB editors have only been usable by developers. Basedash gives teams a new set of tools to work together, restrict what shouldn't be edited, and better understand the databases that your company is based on.

Like a Spreadsheet

Made edits as easily as a spreadsheet

Remove all of the complicated access controls, view logic, and database jargon. Basedash is, at its core, just as easy to edit as the spreadsheets you're already familiar with. Just select a cell, change the value, and the data (the real data) is updated.

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See your SQL data as a chart

Write your own queries using SQL, and then toggle back and forth between that data in a chart or a table.

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Display links as images

A picture speaks a thousand links

Easily choose to display links as and image whenever building out a view. No more clicking on each link to make sure you're editing the right record, just preview it in context.

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Obscure data

Hide sensitive or personal data

Traditionally, the solution to keep sensitive data protected is to revoke or bar access at the source. WIth Basedash, you can keep your data secure, but still allow your team to edit the values when the need arises. We obscure the values before they're ever rendered in your workspace, and then when they are, we show those values in our custom Basehash font.

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Rollback edits

Roll back edits to your data

Quickly see all updates that have been made to your data, and roll back any changes that shouldn't have been made.

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Datetime translation

Readable date/times

Databases are great at storing date/time information, but not great at making that formate easily read and written. Basedash translates all of the different Date/Time formats from your database into a simple Month DD YYYY. Edit those values with an easy-to-use date picker.

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Basedash is the internal tool you don't have to build.

See how removing barriers can change the way your team works.