Built for Speed

Basedash is built to be fast. Fast to use, by adding keyboard shortcuts and a quick command bar, fast to connect, by allowing you to plug and play with your data in under a minute, and fast to maintain, by letting you forget that you used to build custom Internal tools at all.

Quick command bar

Navigate, command, find without leaving your keyboard

Jump around your workspace, switch preferences, see frequently used commands and speed up your workflow with the built-in quick command bar.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts you'd expect from a developer tool

Jump around the workspace, tab through records quickly, use VIM key bindings— Basedash is built to be navigated with the keyboard as much as possible.

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Instant results. No query required.

Quickly search through all records and find what you're looking for without having to write a query or ask a teammate to look something up for you.

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Quickly find the data you're looking for

Use filters to quickly see related data at-a-glance, or save your filters within Views to remove the unnecessary details for more common use cases.

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Like a Spreadsheet

Made edits as easily as a spreadsheet

Remove all of the complicated access controls, view logic, and database jargon. Basedash is, at its core, just as easy to edit as the spreadsheets you're already familiar with. Just select a cell, change the value, and the data (the real data) is updated.

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Mobile ready

Put a million records in your pocket

The best device to use your database is the one you have with you. Fix issues on the fly when you're away from your computer, create views for your sales or operations team to use in the field or on-the-go. Basedash can be installed as a progressive web app on any device with a web browser.

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Basedash is the internal tool you don't have to build.

See how removing barriers can change the way your team works.