Edit your database with the ease of a spreadsheet

Safely edit production data across your team, no code required.

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Find and edit data in seconds

Find a record with a simple search, then make a change in seconds. Edits are updated immediately in your app.

Organize your data with no code

Filter, sort, and join your data to transform it into something useful, then share the result with your team.

Track every change

Every record stores a full history of edits made across your team. Keep context for changes with comments.

Query and visualize with SQL

Write powerful queries and share them across your team. Generate a beautiful chart with a single click.

Full keyboard navigation

Take any action with keyboard shortcuts or from the command bar, by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + K.

Polished and built for professionals

Blazing fast

Explore your database and make changes in seconds.

Real-time collaboration

See what your teammates are doing and avoid overwriting changes.

Light and dark themes

Choose your style, or automatically match your system theme.

Keyboard shortcus

Perform any action with keyboard shortcuts, or use the command bar.

Shared views and queries

Create views and queries, and share them across your team with a link.

Fine-grained permissioning

Set read/write access to collaborators down to the column-level.

Works with all major databases

MySQLPostgreSQLAmazon RedshiftMicrosoft SQL ServerMariaDB
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The new standard for internal tools

BaseDash replaces the need for custom internal tools, so you can focus on your product.
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