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No code required

Go from database → admin app in minutes. You don't have to write code to get a full featured internal app that can read, write, query, edit, and delete data. Connect your data and Basedash does the heavy lifting for you.

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Connect your data to Basedash and define how much access and security your workspace needs.

Create an app and collection pages. Configure the layout for each, filter out anything unnecessary.

Connect Basedash to internal or external APIs. Actions can used like a simple form, and are automatically added to relevant collection pages.

For example, actions that use user data will be shown without any extra work on every user collection page.

Once everything is ready, invite teammates to the apps you've created. View only members are free.

Make apps for any team

Support anyone that supports, builds, or manages your product with apps & actions.

Send emails

Send emails with Sendgrid and Mailchimp to customers for receipts, surveys, or follow up questions.

Correct user data

Change names, emails, address, or anything else when customers request it.

Issue refunds

Connect Basedash to your subscription provider to refund customers or issue credit.

Moderate content

Act on flagged, malicious, or poor content to remove them or prevent bad actors from ruining your product.

Correct user data

Change names, emails, address, or anything else when customers request it.

Get notified

Get Slack alerts when notable records are added to your database.

Track KPIs

Track new subscribers or feature adoption to see how your team is progressing over time.

Extend resources

Keep developers focused on building customer facing features instead of internal tools.

Be self-sufficient

Hook into your internal APIs or directly edit the database when record details need to be changed.

Query sales data

Connect to Salesforce or Close to query customer data and find opportunities and leads.

Create better demos

Create demo workspaces and user accounts instead of presenting static screenshots.

Extend offers

Issue promo codes or temporarily upgrade accounts.

Toggle feature flags

Toggle feature flags for internal or customer testing and debugging.

Debug user issues

Search for user records and explore JSON data to find bugs and resolve customer issues faster.

Mock database scenarios

Set up database states to mock complex scenarios in development.

Find participants

Find and recruit testers who are using a specific feature or really active from your own user base.

Understand your database

Better emulate your data in your mockups. Work more closely with engineers for better features.

Augment research

Compare actual user details against your research to uncover trends and make better decisions.

Jay Khatri
Basedash saves us time by allowing us to build low-code workflows...
James Evans
swiss army knife for our internal tools...
a perfect choice if non-technical members of your team need access to data...
There is really no way our team could do many of the things we need to do other than being in Basedash...
a perfect solution so you don't have to build your own internal tools...
near-instant speed of implementation...
the interface is beautiful and easy to use...
We are never going back 🤩...