Screenshot of Basedash showing a list of root filters, each with a short description of what is being filtered.

December 8, 2021

Inline filter descriptions

We now show a description of your root filters inline in the view builder sidebar itself, so you know exactly which records are being included. You can click on the filter in the sidebar to edit the root filter on the view.

Change member roles

Admins can now change a member's role from the members page. This makes it easy to update permissions on the fly.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated redirection after connecting a data source to navigate to the data page
  • Improved performance of loading primary keys of tables
  • Fixed SQL view data not appearing on mobile
  • Fixed "Jump to" button appearing on mobile
  • Fixed temporary filters persisting after switching between tables

Screenshot of Basedash showing ability to enable "Restricted values" on attributes.

November 30, 2021

Edit text columns as dropdowns

You can now configure certain text columns in your database to be editable as a dropdown with a restricted set of values. This is very useful in cases where you don't want to use an enum, but have a limited set of allowed values. This improves the editing experiences, and prevents cases of typos and mistakes that could cause errors due to incorrect values.

You can enable this on a per-attribute basis in your data source settings. Just enable "Restrict values", then enter the allowed values, one per line.

Improved view and table search

We've updated the search functionality in the root Views and Data pages to let you quickly navigate to a specific page you're looking for. Now, when you open either the Views or Data page, you'll simply see a search bar, with a super performant and keyboard-navigable list of matching views or tables.

Hit '/' to select the search bar, use the arrow keys to navigate the list, then hit return to open the selected view or table.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added ability for admins to change a member's role
  • Added workspace icons to all items in the workspace switcher
  • Added persistence to raw table column widths across workspaces
  • Added persistence to data source sidebar collapsed state for sections
  • Added loading indicator to data sidebar after connecting a new data source
  • Added primary attribute to "Visible in list" section in view builder
  • Improved the configuration of the global navbar
  • Eliminated unnecessary data reload when resizing columns in a view
  • Updated the "Jump to" bar to trigger the root command bar
  • Fixed CSV downloads showing numbers instead of column names
  • Fixed foreign keys of joined tables not showing values
  • Fixed newly joined table attributes not immediately appearing in view builder
  • Fixed inputs overlapping in filter popover
  • Fixed banner in demo workspace creating unnecessary scrollbars
  • Fixed null foreign keys showing as an empty chip
Screenshot of Basedash showing a new workspace switcher dropdown and back/forward navigation buttons in the top navbar.

November 23, 2021

Workspace switcher and desktop navigation

Expanding on our new global navbar from last week, we've added a workspace switcher, and back/forward navigation buttons (on desktop). This now makes the top navbar your hub for all top-level navigation around the app, with the sidebar acting as a way to jump between specific content.

We have more desktop-specific improvements planned for future releases. If you haven't already, you can download the Basedash desktop app for all platforms here:

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added custom scrollbars
  • Added special text to indicate empty string cells
  • Removed view data refresh when resizing columns
  • Improved loading performance for self-hosted instances
  • Improved layout on mobile to prevent content being overlayed
  • Updated ordering of data sources in sidebar to prioritize connected, healthy data sources
  • Fixed joined table attributes not appearing in view builder until refreshing
  • Fixed primary attributes of joined tables not loading
  • Fixed disconnecting attributes
  • Fixed data sources not being removed from the sidebar after removing a data source
  • Fixed foreign keys not loading in SQL Server databases
  • Fixed updating data source name and connection status
  • Fixed enum cell padding being too big
Screenshot of Basedash showing new top-level navigation bar with three tabs: Home, Views, and Data.

November 15, 2021

New top-level navigation

We've spent the past few weeks redesigning the top-level navigation of Basedash. We're excited to finally ship this new experience to all users. We had two primary goals for the redesign:

  1. Simplify the mental model of views & data sources
  2. Surface views in the sidebar directly to speed up navigation

To solve these, we now have a new global navbar with three primary tabs: Home, Views, and Data. The navigation sidebar is dynamic depending on the tab you're on, allowing you to quickly navigate between relevant content through the sidebar directly.

The Home tab holds all of your workspace-level information like Activity, Members, and Settings. We plan to expand on this tab in the future with workspace insights and quick navigation.

The Views tab now shows all your published views directly in the navigation sidebar. Favorited views are still pinned to the top for easy access.

The Data tab lets admins access raw tables and configure data sources. Similar to the Views tab, all tables can be access directly from the navigation sidebar (no more double sidebar!). You can also view your database credentials and manage your connection here.

We're excited to see how this changes your workflows. Let us know if navigation feels more intuitive or faster, and if you have any ideas on how to improve it further. You can join our Community Slack group to share your feedback.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved performance of loading tables from SQL views
  • Improved performance of loading activity in big workspaces
  • Reduced page size from 50 to 25 to improve table loading performance
  • Changed icon representing database tables
  • Changed "Base table" in view settings from a disabled input to a chip
  • Added primary key values to foreign key popover in addition to primary attribute values
  • Updated our live chat widget
  • Updated references to Sync Inc to Sequin
  • Updated Sequin data sources to be read-only
  • Updated list layout views to show 3 list attributes by default
  • Fixed disconnected tables showing in view creation page
  • Fixed data source configuration page not rendering in some cases
  • Fixed activity not showing the relevant data source of edits
  • Fixed positioning of empty state text on empty pages
Screenshot of Basedash

November 1, 2021


We're now offering the option to self-host Basedash on your own server for users with strict security needs. We provide a public Docker image which you can run on any VM, including in your existing VPC with limited external networking for maximum security. Self-hosting is available on the Enterprise plan, which also offers unlimited data sources, members, views, edit history, real-time Slack alerts, and dedicated support.

We're currently manually onboarding users for self-hosting to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you're interested in self-hosting Basedash, send us an email at and we'll get you set up.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added company logo for new workspaces which appears in the sidebar
  • Unified keyboard shortcut design across the app
  • Improved performance of command bar
  • Fixed updating primary attributes from the data source configuration panel
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