Sidebar redesign

Screenshot of redesigned sidebar in BaseDash

January 22, 2021

Sidebar redesign

We changed the way the sidebar works to simplify navigation and improve organization of views. The new sidebar replaces the nav bar for high-level navigation, so it's now present across the entire app. It also includes some new icons to help you navigate around, including the ability to set custom emojis on your views. You can also now resize the sidebar.

Record search redesign

The search bar in tables and views is now in the action bar, and is faster than ever with updated keyboard shortcuts.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved reliability of search for special characters
  • Improved the theme picker, adding a Match system option
  • Locked editing of primary key columns
  • Improved visibility of uneditable columns with a different background color
  • Improved contrast on foreign key values
  • Improved table header styling
  • Updated action bar to increase window drag target on macOS
  • Fixed support for setting foreign keys when creating new records
  • Improved SQL-based views by persisting the View as chart setting across sessions
  • Improved checkbox styling for boolean columns
  • Added support for PostgreSQL array columns
  • Improved default column widths for tables
  • Updated icon set for column data types
  • Removed ability to delete columns
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