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Your perfect admin panel with zero engineering or upkeep required.

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The easiest way for individuals and groups to edit their database.
Unlimited databases
2-week edit history
Up to 3 shared views
Email support
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The best tool for small teams to manage their production data.
per user
per month
Unlimited databases
6-month edit history
Unlimited shared views
Email + Slack support
Custom permissions
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The ultimate tool for companies to build scalable internal tools.
Unlimited databases
Unlimited edit history
Unlimited shared views
Dedicated support manager
Custom permissions
On-premises deployment
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BaseDash and how does it work?

BaseDash is a collaborative admin panel that lets you manage and visualize your databases and share insights with your teammates. BaseDash is completely cloud-based meaning you can access it on any device.

Is BaseDash secure? Where's my data stored?

BaseDash communicates directly with your database, using end-to-end encryption to keep your data safe. Your app's data is never stored on our servers with the exception of edit history which lets you audit all changes to your data

What databases does BaseDash support?

BaseDase currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, SQL Server, and MariaDB. Let us know if you're using a different database.

Can I connect to a database in a VPC or behind a firewall?

Yes, you can connect through a server or bastion host via SSH, or deploy BaseDash on-premises directly in your VPC.

Can I deploy BaseDash on-premises?

Yes, if you have strong data requirements you can deploy BaseDash in your own VPS. The setup takes around 15 minutes to deploy to AWS or GCP.

The setup only requires external data connectivity for transactional email services (via SendGrid) and two-factor authentication (via Authy).

If you're interested, book a demo with an engineer, or contact us with any questions.

What is edit history?

BaseDash tracks all manual edits made on records, along with who made them. This lets you keep track of changes made by collaborators in your workspace, and revert them if necessary.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes, we offer significant discounts for non-profits and free open-source software projects. Contact us for details.