Apps for anyone

Create dedicated apps for departments, individual teams, or projects. They don't require dev resources to make, and all apps in your workspace can share actions, databases, and enpoints.

Your data doesn't have to look like a database

Make data look better with page layouts. Showcase images and make the records you're looking for easier to identify or keep things in a table layout for highest density and power user control.

Write to internal and 3rd party APIs

View your database and act on the records by creating actions with any 3rd party REST or GraphQL API. Send emails, refunds, alerts, Slack messages... there's almost no limit to what you can do with your data.

Edit data as easily as a spreadsheet

Edit and view all database records with an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface. Understand and reference your schema, edit values, and share access without sharing credentials.

Write and share SQL queries

Write SQL queries together and share them with your entire team. Non-SQL savvy teammates can use the insights and reports you create. Visualize the results in line or bar charts.

Crafted for professionals

Efficient workflows, power user controls, and multiplayer capabilities aren't just for developer tools anymore. Give your teams features that would normally end up cut from scope.

AI Assistant

We use AI to eliminate small, but tedious tasks within Basedash, freeing you up to spend less time making tools and more time building your product.

Command bar

Navigate and control your workspace with a keypress—the command bar is the fastest way to work.

Desktop app

A dedicated workspace deserves a dedicated workspace. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Keyboard navigation

Breeze through your tasks with fully keyboard-optimized workflows.

Mobile responsive PWA

Be prepared wherever you are, with the full power of your internal tools on-the-go. Great for field services teams or helping customers wherever you are.

Real-time multiplayer

Never worry about overwriting your teammates' changes again. Edits happen in real-time so you can work together, as a team.

Record permissions

Restrict editing at every level. Small teams that need to move fast can make edits directly to the database, while larger teams can view only and edit via their own internal APIs.

Track workspace activity

Edits, deletes, record creation, actions (coming soon) are all tracked at the workspace level.

Ship your product faster.
Worry about internal tools less.

No credit card required.