Nothing is more important than your data security

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Your data stays with you

Never stored

When you load a view or query, the Basedash server makes a request directly to your database, applying the credentials server-side. None of the data returned by your database is stored on our end.



We have a self-hosted version of Basedash that you can deploy in under an hour within your own VPC, and behind your existing firewall. You are fully in control of the Basedash instance and the level of security.

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Restricted access and edits

Disconnect tables & attributes

Every data source, table, and attribute can be disconnected from Basedash. When something is disconnected, we do not read, query, lookup, cache, or allow anyone within Basedash to access the data. Any view that uses data from a disconnected entity is deleted when a connection is severed.

Disable edits

Like connection, every source, table, and attribute can be restricted to view for all users of your workspace. This allows you to avoid conflicts of validation, complex business logic, or mistaken edits to attributes that never change.

Fully secured

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SOC 2 Compliance

(pending approval)

Basedash is currently undergoing the months-long process of SOC 2 compliance audit and certification.


  • Force HTTPS on all connections, so data in-transit is encrypted with TLS
  • Encrypt all database data at-rest with LUKS
  • Further encrypt database credentials with AES-256


All servers hosted in Canada, in data centers that are SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 certified


Work with security researchers when they identify potential security vulnerabilities, and respond to all reports within 2 days of submission. We maintain detailed audit logs of all internal systems.

Data we collect

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Account details

We capture your name, email, role, and user preferences such as avatar. We believe that user data shouldn't be captured unless it's necessary for building you a better product. Reach out to us at any time and we'll delete your account.

Workspace info

Details about your workspace including billing, name, type, and info about other members of your workspace. We also capture the configuration of SQL or basic views created in your workspace.

Database details

Only the data needed to connect to your database. This includes database name, credentials (fully encrypted), configuration, and type.


We cache some information on the client side to improve performance, such as table names and view definitions, but these are not accessible to our servers directly. Beyond that, we do not cache or store any data from your databases on our servers.

Edit history

The value before and and after an edit, the date and time it was made, the database it was edited on, the record that was edited, and the workspace member who made the edit.

Free plans have 2 week edit history, Starter plans have 90 days. Workspaces on our Enterprise Plan can opt out of this collection of data or define limits on duration.

Performance analytics

We monitor application performance, load times, and use Fullstory to analyze how Basedash is used. All of your data is hard-coded to be masked and not recorded or captured.

See our Privacy Policy for more details.

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