Screenshot of Basedash showing a button to "Duplicate view", with a SQL query in the background.

September 13, 2021

Duplicate SQL views

This week we added the ability to duplicate SQL views in two clicks. From any SQL view, just click the dropdown menu in the header, then click "Duplicate view". This lets you easily create modifications of existing views without affecting the original.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed persistent loading spinner for data sources in sidebar
  • Fixed setting date AM/PM values in MySQL
  • Updated favicon to use the new logo
  • Updated theme switcher to use the new logo
  • Fixed workspace creation not redirecting after submission
  • Fixed removing data sources
  • Fixed disconnecting attributes in data source configuration
Screenshot of Basedash with an error message: "Oops, something went wrong".

August 30, 2021

Improved stability of loading views

If you're an active Basedash user, you may have experienced the dreaded "Oops, something went wrong" error. It happens when we run into an error somewhere along the way of loading data for a view (or raw table). This is usually caused by a logic error in our code that converts your view into a SQL query that we run on your database.

This bug can be incredibly annoying, so we spent this past week focused on solving it. The solution took form in a few different ways:

  1. We fixed one cause of this issue, where loading a raw table could fail if it contained too many columns. This was caused because we used to pass all of the attributes in the API header, leading to an overflow of data. We switched to using POST calls and passing this data in the body of the API call, which fixed the issue.
  2. We fixed another cause of this issue, where hiding a primary key column on a view would cause it to fail. This was caused by an issue with column aliasing which we were able to get around with some clever SQL querying.
  3. We improved the error message when this issue occurs, with a button to message the team with context around the issue. This helps us debug and prioritize occurrences of the issue.
  4. Finally, we now track occurrences of this issue as a KPI to determine when a new root cause pops up, allowing us to fix it as soon as the issue goes live.

This is the first step to improving stability of the app. We plan to vastly expand our testing suite which will prevent new bugs from entering the app wherever possible.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved intro animation of "Run query" button
  • Fixed app crash caused by database columns being deleted outside of Basedash
  • Updated Ngrok connection to automatically strip out host protocol
  • Replaced data preview overlay with a banner when creating a new view
  • Removed header in the preview window of the view builder
  • Fixed name showing as always being taken when connecting a data source
  • Added a link to chat with the team when encountering a view loading error
  • Updated display names of tables and attributes to be humanized by default
  • Fixed issue with the filter popover appearing below the form panel in list layout
Screenshot of Basedash showing "Request a feature" button.

August 23, 2021

Auto-login to roadmap

Last week we launched our public roadmap, with the ability to request and vote for new features. This week we're expanding on our public roadmap by automatically logging you in with your Basedash account when you navigate from the app.

There's a new link to access the roadmap from the app—you can access it by clicking on your name at the top of the sidebar, then clicking Request a feature.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Removed Related section from sidebar
  • Fixed ability to join tables in views
  • Added error message when deleting a record fails, with link to related record when applicable
  • Fixed editing records not on the first page of results
  • Fixed tables with multiple foreign keys to the same table showing the same value
  • Hid auto-generated Supabase schemas
  • Updated login and signup pages to be draggable on desktop
  • Updated blog header to match rest of marketing site
  • Updated name of auto-generated demo view after creating a workspace
  • Removed requirement for password when connecting a database
  • Added loading spinner on foreign key popover
Screenshot of the Basedash public roadmap showing a list of feature requests.

August 16, 2021

Public roadmap

Today we're launching our public roadmap, where we'll be accepting feature requests and tracking their progress as we build. This gives us an easy way to track which features are most highly requested and update our roadmap accordingly.

We'd love to hear what you're looking forward to in Basedash. You can access the roadmap and request a feature at

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added an error message when connecting a data source fails in unexpected ways
  • Fixed Slack notifications
  • Updated styling of data source connection form
  • Added a demo database and view to all new workspaces
  • Fixed data source configuration loading incorrectly
  • Fixed data source configuration header spacing on desktop
  • Fixed data source configuration headers not always being the same height
  • Fixed uneditable table cells visually showing as editable in some cases
  • Fixed entire tables showing as uneditable in some cases
  • Fixed "Unable to load view" toast appearing multiple times
  • Fixed "display as checkbox"
  • Fixed upgrading and downgrading workspaces
  • Fixed views being removed when editing certain data source configurations
  • Improved realtime performance
  • Fixed linking to raw tables from the command bar
  • Updated onboarding email sequence
  • Updated styling of view titles
  • Fixed CSV downloads only loading the first page of data on SQL views
  • Fixed filter popover z-index issue
  • Fixed attribute popover overflowing page
  • Fixed attribute popover button spacing
  • Added padding to bottom of data source configuration panels
  • Updated data source configuration headers to be sticky
  • Fixed foreign key popover input styling
  • Fixed sidebar items being ellipsed too aggressively
  • Updated segmented controller styling to match inputs
  • Fixed data source connection to allow for very long credentials
  • Fixed search query and page number carrying over between views
  • Updated styling of inputs in view settings to match other inputs
  • Fixed views loading multiple times after being created
  • Fixed sort popover attribute items all being the same
  • Fixed views with large number of attributes not loading
  • Fixed SQL views in chart layout being paginated
  • Fixed editing datetimes by text
  • Added custom default value for "SSL enabled" when connecting a data source depending on hosting provider
  • Fixed collapsible arrow being visible in sidebar items when expanded
  • Fixed new views not showing up immediately in views page
  • Updated icon for chart layout
  • Added automatic query saving
  • Updated styling of "Run query" button

Screenshot of Basedash showing configuration options for data sources, tables, and attributes.

August 2, 2021

Data source configuration

Privacy and security are absolutely essential when dealing with user data. We spend a lot of time building features and processes around this—things like activity history, roles + permissions, and configurable views. Today, we're introducing a big new feature: data source configuration.

This new feature lets you configure how your data can be accessed from Basedash in a few key ways:

  1. You can fully disconnect certain attributes or tables that you don't want anyone on your team to access.
  2. You can also toggle what's editable, in case you have certain attributes that contain sensitive PII, or are linked to external business logic.
  3. Finally, you can also customize the display name of data sources, tables, and attributes. We provide sane defaults that make your data more accessible to non-technical users, but you always have the final say. Note that this does not change your underlying database in any way, just the way it gets displayed in Basedash.

These new fine-grained settings give you full control over what you and your teammates can access through Basedash, improving privacy and security. We have plans to add even more customization in the future—follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest updates to Basedash.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved loading performance of views and raw tables
  • Improved styling of collapsible sidebar sections
  • Updated Optional text on form fields
  • Updated icons used on data sources
  • Updated cursor used on date cells
  • Updated styling of input fields across the app
  • Updated styling of search bar to match other inputs
  • Updated search bar text in sidebar to "Jump to"
  • Updated chart colors
  • Fixed certain dropdowns being resizable
  • Fixed views with many attributes not loading
  • Fixed background color on JSON fields not matching theme
  • Fixed form panel title overflowing
  • Fixed loading spinner behaving erratically
  • Fixed data not updating when switching between SQL views
  • Fixed pagination icons not being consistent
  • Fixed tooltip text in view settings
  • Fixed vertical alignment of chips in activity page

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