Airtable integration

Screenshot of BaseDash showing supported database types, including Airtable

February 12, 2021

Airtable integration

It's super common for early-stage startups to begin development with Airtable as their data store, before eventually migrating to a proper SQL database. Problem is, that migration step is a huge pain, from hosting the database, to generating the schema, to copying over any existing data.

We've partnered with Sync Inc to allow users to instantly migrate from Airtable to a fully-fledged SQL database in seconds. We handle everything from hosting to migrating, while providing the same great data editing experience you're used to. You'll get direct access to your new database's credentials so you can start integrating it into your codebase.

The underlying database runs on PostgreSQL, the industry standard for modern SQL databases—this means that you can write and share standard SQL queries to explore your data in new, complex ways.

Best part is, you don't need to migrate all at once—we'll constantly sync data from Airtable to the SQL database so that you can gradually move your systems over.

We're super excited to see what this new functionality enables. The feature is still early in development so expect lots of improvements in the coming weeks.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved behavior around how applying sorts works
  • Updated sort icon directions to improve legibility
  • Fixed enum column editing in certain browsers
  • Fixed welcome email sequence
  • Changed behavior of creating new views from a table to save existing filters and sorts
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