Contextual toasts

Screenshot of BaseDash showing a toast popup containing 3 edits.

March 12, 2021

Contextual toasts

We totally revamped our toast system to show context around each edit you make, with the value before and after each change. If you make multiple edits in quick succession, we'll group them together into a single toast with controls to individually undo edits as needed. We think that showing a quick snapshot of each edit you make will reduce errors and increase speed and confidence in taking actions.

This update also improves error messages by grouping them together into a single toast, saving you valuable screen real-estate.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added Vim-style 'hjkl' keyboard shortcuts for table navigation
  • Migrated all icons across the app to our custom icon set
  • Added an internally shareable URL to the share menu in tables
  • Updated default user avatars to show initials
  • Fixed an issue where private views couldn't be created when at the limit for shared views
  • Fixed foreign key cells not showing updates immediately if they had a table identifier assigned
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