Redesigned activity page

Screenshot of BaseDash showing a list of edits made by teammates in the tool.

March 26, 2021

Redesigned activity page

Being able to see activity within your workspace is incredibly valuable for teams using BaseDash. It lets you get a pulse for how your teammates are using the tool, and makes it easy to catch mistakes before they have an impact on your product.

We fully redesigned the activity page to show more context around edits, with things like checkboxes for booleans, nicely formatted dates, and properly indented JSON. This makes it much easier to quickly compare the before and after values of edits.

We have even more changes planned for the activity page that aren't quite ready to ship yet. Keep your eye out for future changelogs by following us on Twitter.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved the interface for queries, with the ability to toggle a fullscreen SQL editor
  • Improved the positioning of the callout on the add database page when connecting using SSH
  • Updated copy around data sources
  • Fixed the ability to add databases through SSH
  • Fixed the ability to copy a substring of text in a non-editable cell
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