Redesigned add database flow

Screenshot of BaseDash showing the add database form.

April 2, 2021

Redesigned add database flow

Adding a database is the first step of using BaseDash, yet it's one of the most difficult. We decided to totally redesigned the flow to make it simpler and to give more useful information while moving through the process.

We now ask you where your database is hosted so that we can automatically fill default values wherever possible, update form labels to match how they're presented by hosting providers, and link directly to your hosting provider's dashboard. We also plan to add inline videos showing how to find credentials for each hosting provider.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated toast animations
  • Fixed the cursor on checkboxes on the Activity page
  • Fixed queries layout on mobile
  • Fixed showing edits to or from a null value on the Activity page
  • Fixed setting date values using SQL functions like "now()"
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