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Screenshot of BaseDash showing a "Join Slack community" button.

April 9, 2021

Slack community

BaseDash now has a public Slack community! We'll be using this to share tips and updates to the tool, and showing off some sneak peeks of product changes before they go live. It's a great place to chat with the team and other power users about the future of BaseDash, and how to use the tool to its full potential.

We try to be incredibly responsive to bug reports and feature requests. Let us know what's been bugging you in the #bugs channel, and what you'd like to see us add in #feature-requests.

Join the Slack community here—we're looking forward to meeting you!

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added custom tooltips across the app
  • Added an account dropdown to the sidebar to quickly access the changelog, Slack community, and support email
  • Fixed URL being persisted after logging in
  • Fixed crash after logging out and back in as a new user
  • Added hosting-provider-specific instructions on how to add BaseDash as a trusted source
  • Changed titles from uppercase to sentence case
  • Added a confirmation toast after connecting a data source
  • Updated the button icons on URL and foreign key cells
  • Added persistence to the email field when switching from the login to signup form
  • Fixed showing an infinite spinner instead of an error message when loading a view fails
  • Fixed real-time user avatars all showing your own avatar
  • Fixed cells randomly getting cleared while creating a new record
  • Fixed undoing boolean edits not showing the new value in the table
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