Apr 23, 2021

New views page

Apr 23, 2021

Views are the base unit in BaseDash—they're how you organize data and share insights across your team. Until now, we've shown all your views directly in the sidebar. This works well when you just have a handful of views, but quickly gets out of control as your team generates many views.

To solve this, we created a dedicated page to see all your views in one place. Beyond just the name, we also show the database and table that the view pulls data from, and when it was created. From here, you can individually choose to favorite certain views that you use regularly to pin them to your sidebar for easy access. Favorites are unique to each user so they won't affect your teammates.

We also now sort views by their emoji first, then alphanumerically, which opens up another layer of organization to your views page.

We have big plans around how to let you organize views even more in the future—keep up to date by following us on Twitter.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated the action bar across tables, views, and queries

  • Added a dedicated page to view and add members to your workspace

  • Fixed enabling two-factor authentication

  • Fixed uneven line height of some links

  • Updated spacing of cards

  • Added record, table, and database chips on activity

  • Changed the cursor to arrow when hovering over most text

  • Added tooltips on table identifier chips to show the underlying value

  • Fixed native browser behaviour for Cmd + L shortcut

  • Fixed native browser behaviour for Cmd + Option + Left/Right shortcuts

  • Fixed getting logged out when connection to the server is temporarily lost