Sticky columns

Screenshot of BaseDash showing a sticky column representing the primary attribute.

May 17, 2021

Sticky columns

We've added the ability to designate a "primary attribute" on each table, which freezes the column to the left side of the table. The primary attribute defaults to the primary key of the table (i.e. the ID), but you can set it to any attribute by clicking the column header and selecting "Set as primary attribute".

In addition, the primary attribute will appear as the value in foreign key relationships. This means that you can easily read and set relationship values without having to know the record's ID. It's very useful for setting a user's primary attribute as their email or name.

Search in queries

We also added new search feature in queries that allows you to easily scan your SQL queries. It supports find-and-replace, regex, case-sensitivity, whole-word search, and search-in-selection. You can trigger it by pressing Ctrl/Command + F in a query.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Simplified onboarding flow
  • Fixed onboarding flow triggering twice in some cases
  • Fixed global search not showing tables if a database connection failed
  • Fixed sidebar flashing when navigating between pages
  • Fixed record deletion in MySQL
  • Fixed removing members from Basic workspaces
  • Added a link on the Views page to connect a data source in new workspaces
  • Updated table footer formatting
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut conflicts on Views page
  • Fixed columns widths not going below content size
  • Fixed table header not spanning page width
  • Fixed query values being cleared after setting an emoji
  • Adjusted filter dropdown alignment to prevent overflow
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