New avatars

Screenshot of BaseDash showing real-time presence avatars.

June 14, 2021

New avatars

We updated the way auto-generated user avatars look, and how they're rendered when used as real-time presence indicators on a view. Upon signup, each user is now assigned a color from a collection of hand-picked colors. This will appear as the accent color in your avatar, as the border in the top-bar, and as the border of your currently-selected cell to other users. Your color is persistent, allowing your teammates to easily recognize you by your color.

New blog

We also launched an updated site for our new blog! We'll be posting content about how we're designing, building, and growing the product. It's exclusively high-quality content written by the core team at BaseDash. We already have a couple posts up:

You can check out the full blog at

Other improvements and fixes

  • Re-ordered table controls in preparation for an upcoming change 👀
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