Darker dark mode

Split-screen screenshot of BaseDash, comparing "Before" and "After", with the after image showing a darker color palette.

July 19, 2021

Darker dark mode

What's better than dark mode? An even darker dark mode!

We've updated our color scheme across the app to use darker darks, and a higher-contrast primary color on both themes. Overall, we've simplified our color palette which should increase consistency across the app.

We have lots of ideas on how to expand our theme system in the future to improve customizability, accessibility, and fun. Keep your eyes out for future changelogs by following us on Twitter (@Basedash).

Other improvements and fixes

  • Merged the Profile page into Settings
  • Updated labels on the signup form
  • Updated styling of sidebar section titles
  • Updated sidebar sections to persist collapsed state across sessions
  • Added a "Done editing" button to view settings
  • Added sort buttons in the column dropdown on tables
  • Added an empty state to the views page
  • Added space for traffic light buttons on view settings on desktop
  • Replaced checkboxes with switches in the Available attributes popover in view settings
  • Updated styling of switches to use the primary color when active
  • Improved the back button behaviour on the connect data source page
  • Improved consistency of buttons across the app
  • Reduced default height of buttons
  • Fixed header not being visible on the activity page when no databases are connected
  • Fixed some disabled buttons being clickable
  • Fixed view settings being too tall when using some layouts
  • Fixed null booleans not being editable
  • Fixed sidebar button appearing on both headers in view settings on mobile
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