Sep 27, 2021

Improved performance loading list of tables

Sep 27, 2021

We've been working hard behind the scenes for the past month on large foundational improvements to Basedash's architecture. These improvements will allow us to build new features faster, onboard new teammates more efficiently, and significantly improve performance across the app.

This week, we made our first performance improvements based on these structural changes, started with the loading performance of tables. We use a hierarchical cache system to load the tables in your database nearly instantaneously, allowing you to navigate your database as fast possible. These changes apply to all instances where we render a list of tables from your database, including the sidebar, view creation, and data source configuration.

These performance improvements have proven to be a success, so we will continue to implement these changes to more areas of the app over the coming weeks.

Foundation for improved stability

We've also spent a significant amount of resources on improving stability of the app, through increased test coverage, and better QA processes. We're committed to building a tool that your team will be comfortable relying on for mission-critical workflows.

These improved processes helped us detect and fix a record number of bugs—see below for details.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added "Edit view" button directly to view header

  • Added "is null" filter option to number attributes

  • Removed "Joined tables" section in view builder for tables with no foreign keys

  • Improved first-load performance

  • Improved accessibility and keyboard navigability of switches

  • Improved styling of data source configuration panel whitespace

  • Updated data source configuration panel header text

  • Fixed behavior causing users to get logged out when API calls failed

  • Fixed updating data source names

  • Fixed SQL view queries being reverted when exiting edit mode

  • Fixed data source names not loading in the sidebar

  • Fixed updating data source credentials

  • Fixed updating data source configurations

  • Fixed raw tables not rendering correctly for databases with multiple schemas

  • Fixed fetching data source configuration settings for workspaces with databases that are not accessible

  • Fixed text color of button on hover in Slack alert notification modal

  • Fixed undoing edits not updating the table UI immediately

  • Fixed foreign key dropdown values showing as empty in some cases

  • Fixed disconnecting attributes

  • Fixed updates to views not appearing immediately in the UI

  • Fixed old tables and attributes appearing in data source configuration panels

  • Fixed data source health indicator