Dec 13, 2021

Updated fonts

Dec 13, 2021

This week we updated the fonts used across the app, to improve consistency, legibility, and flexibility moving forward.

Until now, we've been using the system default font wherever you're running Basedash. This meant that fonts would vary from device to device, causing inconsistency and sometimes leading to changes in layout due to small differences in letter sizing and spacing.

We're now using Inter across the board for all standard text. One nice benefit is that it supports variable weights which allows us to ship a single font file, reducing our bundle size and improving loading time.

We also switched our monospace font to JetBrains Mono. It similarly supports variable weight, plus 139 code-specific ligatures.

Reduced default text and component size

Along with these typeface changes, we also updated the default font size, and reduced the size of all components across the app. This gives you more screen real-estate to view and compare data while working in Basedash. You can control the zoom level of Basedash at any time by pressing + to zoom in, or - to zoom out.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved performance of loading tables by 45%

  • Added go to Table command in command bar

  • Updated symbols for keyboard shortcuts to use custom icons

  • Fixed links to tables in Activity page

  • Updated styling of command bar

  • Removed unnecessary data fetching in views

  • Improved performance of updating records

  • Fixed window closing after applying a filter

  • Fixed floating buttons being transparent on hover

  • Fixed records not reloading after updating a view