Jan 10, 2022

Obscured personally identifiable information

Jan 10, 2022

At Basedash, our vision is to enable anyone within a company to be able to access and edit the data they need, without having to know the intricacies of how SQL databases work. Alongside that comes the responsibility of ensuring that personal user data remains private. We’ve seen countless examples of companies recklessly building internal tools that allow their employees to spy on their users with no restrictions.

Today we’re launching a feature which lets you obscure personally identifiable information in your database. This allows you to hide sensitive user data, while still allowing you to edit the values for your customer support or operations needs.

Admins can enable obscuring specific attributes in their data source configuration page. We currently support text and numeric columns, and have plans to support all data types moving forward. Once an admin enables obscuring, both the raw table and any views that include that attribute will become obscured in Basedash. In place of the actual value, we generate a random string of characters and render them using a custom font we developed: Basehash.

We think that this new tool will allow companies to build powerful internal tools within Basedash that preserve the privacy of their users.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed boolean values not appearing in SQL views

  • Fixed markdown rich text editing

  • Fixed font size of rich text cells

  • Fixed Ctrl/Cmd + Enter keyboard shortcut for creating a new line in rich text cells

  • Added ability to set a password for users that signed up with Google