Summer 2022 Release

API Actions and Internal apps. Two side-by-side screenshots of the Basedash app.

July 26, 2022

We’re excited to release our biggest update ever to Basedash. We’re introducing two new major features, along with many other smaller features and improvements.

We made a quick 5 minute video showing off the full process of building an internal app with actions.

We’re also live on Product Hunt with these changes, join the discussion here:


Apps are a new way to organize your views + queries. Each app can have its own set of members, so you can create one for each team in your company. You can also create sections within apps to organize your pages further.

With apps, we’re now letting different teams within the same company work together, while still providing robust permissioning and access controls. Some ideas of apps that you can create:

  • Engineering
  • Support/CX
  • Sales
  • Investor metrics
  • Content moderation


With actions, for the first time, we’re expanding Basedash beyond the database.

You can create actions to integrate with any third-party service with an API. You and your teammates can trigger actions to call an API (either internal or external) with the click of a button. Actions can also be triggered on database records, allowing you to take action directly on your data.

Before creating an action, you need to create a connection to an API. We have some templates for common third-party APIs, but you can always add your own.

Some ideas of what you can do with actions:

  • Send an email to a user through SendGrid
  • Refund a purchase on Stripe
  • Trigger a workflow on Zapier/Make
  • Update records through your internal API for complex validation
  • Create an order on Shopify
  • Update a customer on Salesforce/Hubspot

Other features


We’ve updated our pricing to remove the limit on number of members and number of connections. You’re now free to add as many members as you’d like on any plan, including the free plan.

See our updated pricing page here:


You can add sections to further organize your apps. Sections contain pages, and show up in the sidebar so you can easily find the page you’re looking for.

Form layout

We added a new layout type that only allows users to create new records in a database table. When this layout is selected, all other layouts will be disabled for that collection page (to prevent viewing and editing of existing data).

Display image

You can now explicitly set a display image on your collection pages. This image shows up in both list and card layouts, as well as in the record details panel. This is incredibly useful for data that revolves around images, such as users, products, properties, or companies.

Collection page description

You can now set a description on a collection page, which will show up in the record details panel when no records are selected. You can use this to describe how a collection page should be used by users.

Collection page permissions

You can now set certain permissions directly on a collection page:

  • Record creation
  • Record deletion
  • Record editing
  • CSV exporting

These are all enabled by default, but you can disable them by editing a collection page and navigating to the “Info” tab.

Sidebar search

You can now search for pages directly from the sidebar. Just hit ‘/’ and start typing to filter items in the sidebar.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved responsiveness of fields
  • Fixed some hidden attributes still appearing when creating a record
  • Updated command bar to allow navigation to pages within an app
  • Fixed loading spinner showing on collection pages unnecessarily
  • Updated styling of login and signup pages
  • Updated animation of modals and dialogs
  • Improved precedence of keyboard shortcuts depending on focus
  • Added link for new users to join the demo workspace directly
  • Added an empty state to list and card layouts
  • Added information about when a collection page was created and last updated
  • Changed the default collection page layout from table to list
  • Improved styling of date picker in dark mode
  • Improved layout of rows in list layout
  • Removed restriction of primary attribute always showing as the first column in a table
  • Improve interface for adding and removing attributes in a collection page
  • Update styling of switch inputs
  • Added new icons to some inputs
  • Removed roles. Apps provide all the same functionality, plus allow for more organization of pages
  • Improved support for collection pages with many columns
  • Improved stability of keyboard navigation in list and card layouts
  • Added field to set an icon on collection pages and queries within edit mode
  • Removed navigation footer on mobile

Full changelog →

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