Improved desktop tabs

Screenshot of the Basedash desktop app showing multiple tabs of different metrics.

September 13, 2022

Improved desktop tabs

We’ve improved tabs on the desktop app even further, by allowing you to open multiple tabs of the same app. This lets you easily cross-reference views or actions in the same app for complex workflows.

You can open a new tab by clicking the new “+” button in the tab bar, or by holding Ctrl/Command when opening an app from the Home page.

You can download the Basedash desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux here:

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added a history pane to the action editor
  • Added a separate “Save” button in the action editor
  • Added an improved empty state for lists that support adding and removing entities
  • Added number indicator to History tab in record details panel
  • Added actions to record history panel
  • Added tooltips with keyboard shortcuts across the app
  • Added new tab button on desktop app
  • Added support for multiple tabs of the same app on the desktop app
  • Added more information to action history items
  • Added “Share” button to database tables
  • Added support for line breaks in action descriptions
  • Added support for Slack notifications on self-hosted setups
  • Added support for Google sign-in on self-hosted setups
  • Added support for self-hosted AWS ECS deployments
  • Fixed links in emails for self-hosted deployments
  • Fixed loading spinner appearing after resizing a table column
  • Fixed tab location resetting in some instances
  • Fixed deleted views not disappearing from the sidebar for other users in the workspace
  • Fixed duplicated views not being added to the correct section
  • Fixed action inputs not updating immediately
  • Updated display images to show a placeholder for records with undefined values
  • Improved the performance of load times for re-opening views that have been opened recently
  • Removed the limit on number of apps based on plan
  • Renamed “collection page” to “view”

Full changelog →

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