Oct 6, 2022

Vertical card orientation

Oct 6, 2022

We’ve added a new orientation to card layout that lets you stack an image from your database above any important information. It’s perfect for any image-heavy data, letting you quickly navigate through your records. You can fully customize the image and data that shows up on each record’s card, and independently control which attributes are visible and editable in the side panel.

You can switch between vertical and horizontal card orientation when creating or editing a view.

Action history

You can now view the run history of any action directly on the action page. This lets you see every time that an action has been run by you or your team, along with the details of the input values and API response.

For more information about actions and what you can do with them, check out our docs: https://docs.basedash.com/actions

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added ability to delete app sections

  • Added support for editing interval columns

  • Added inline warnings to the action creation page

  • Added support for self-hosting on AWS ECS

  • Added an error message for SQL queries that time out

  • Added workspace switcher to new workspace onboarding flow

  • Added indicator to show which trigger was clicked when opening a popover

  • Added ability to run draft actions from the action builder

  • Simplified signup form

  • Improved database sync performance

  • Improved signup page for joining the demo workspace

  • Updated tooltip copy on the “Publish” view button

  • Updated styling of list and card layouts to have a maximum width

  • Fixed alignment of switch inputs

  • Fixed button to remove filters sometimes not working

  • Fixed “New record” button appearing on uneditable pages

  • Fixed disconnected tables showing on the connections page

  • Fixed duplicating queries to redirect to the newly created query