Oct 17, 2022

App templates

Oct 17, 2022

When you create a new app, we’ll now suggest some templates to give you ideas of the kinds of apps you can create. For now, they set the name, image, and icon of the app—in the future, we may use the templates to make even more suggestions on the kinds of views or actions you can create within the app.

Automatic record images

When you create a view, we’ll now automatically look for any columns that store URLs to images, so that we can show the image inline in your new view. That makes it way easier to create beautiful list or card-based views of your database.

You can always set the display image attribute manually in your view settings.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated default view names to be humanized

  • Added a workspace setting to prevent non-admins from inviting new members

  • Added a CTA to upgrade when nearing your plan’s page limit

  • Improved onboarding sequence to speed up time before creating an app