Database connection URIs

Screenshot of the Basedash database connection page. There's a form, and the first input is called "Connection URI". The helper text below the input reads: "If you have a connection URI, you can paste it here to automatically fill out the other fields."

October 24, 2022

Database connection URIs

You can now connect a database way faster by just pasting in a single connection URI from your hosting provider. We’ll automatically parse the connection string and fill out the individual field components so you don’t have to.

Onboarding checklist

When you create a new workspace, we’ll now show a simple onboarding checklist so you always know the next step to improve your apps and views. Each step has instructions, docs, and videos to explain how to move forward with setting up your workspace.

AI-generated view emoji

When you create a new view, we’ll now automatically choose a relevant emoji to represent your view and make it recognizable. We’re using GPT-3 to choose an emoji based on the name of your view’s base table.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added ability to transfer workspace ownership to another member
  • Added ability to dismiss app update toast
  • Improved security of API headers
  • Updated layout of view header bar to give search more room
  • Updated styling of app card borders
  • Moved the profile dropdown to the bottom of the sidebar
  • Fixed attributes marked as uneditable not being able to be set during record creation
  • Fixed attribute syncing after changing a database column to nullable
  • Fixed Slack alert notification creation
  • Fixed actions not appearing in the sidebar immediately after creation
  • Fixed appearance of apps with no cover image
  • Fixed record edits being applied multiple times in some cases
  • Fixed long foreign key values being cut off
  • Fixed removing filters sometimes removing the incorrect filter
  • Fixed positioning of attributes popover for tables with many columns
  • Fixed some avatars appearing as ovals instead of circles
  • Fixed attributes still appearing in views after being deleted in the database
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