Nov 15, 2022

PlanetScale logo next to Basedash logo
PlanetScale logo next to Basedash logo

PlanetScale support

Nov 15, 2022

We’re excited to announce first-party support for PlanetScale as a data source.

PlanetScale is a high-performance MySQL-compatible database platform. With Basedash, you can build fully-featured admin panels on top of your PlanetScale database in seconds. This lets you build things like user dashboards, order management tools, or approval workflows in a few clicks. Everything you build in Basedash is shareable with your team, with full permission controls at your fingertips.

To connect a PlanetScale database, create a new connection in Basedash and select “PlanetScale” as your database. You can retrieve your connection credentials from the PlanetScale dashboard for easy connection to Basedash, with full read-write capabilities.

Once connected, you can create views to allow certain tables to be viewed and edited, and also write SQL queries directly against your database. Both views and queries can be shared with teammates with either view or edit access.

Basedash also supports PlanetScale Boost for ultra high performance queries. Any SQL queries you write in Basedash that match a query that you’ve cached in PlanetScale will be boosted. For now, you need to manually enable Boost cached queries on your database connection by running the following SQL query in Basedash: SET @@boost_cached_queries = true;

Search history

We now save search history within views so that you can easily go back to previous searches. We also now persist your search query on a view when you switch pages and come back. This makes it much easier to jump between pages and cross-reference data.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added the ability to transfer workspace ownership to another member

  • Added a footer to the sidebar with user info

  • Added support for MySQL timestamps

  • Added dedicated Members pages within workspaces and apps

  • Added activity logs for record creation

  • Added ability to move pages to another app

  • Added tooltips with keyboard shortcuts on more sidebar items

  • Added the ability to save a partially-created action

  • Added the ability to partially select text in table cells

  • Added a workspace switcher on mobile

  • Added a demo Postgres database to all new workspaces

  • Improved styling of list layout header

  • Updated filters to maintain value if possible when switching columns

  • Updated the search bar to retain its value after changing pages and closing the app

  • Updated onboarding to automatically create a workspace on signup

  • Updated Slack alerts to only show the attributes selected on the active layout of the view

  • Updated styling of toast for updating the app to be less intrusive

  • Fixed new Slack alerts not being able to be created

  • Fixed page limit not being applied in some cases

  • Fix loading data from tables that use object-based primary keys

  • Fixed onboarding flow for Google signups

  • Fixed recent search not being cleared after clearing search bar

  • Fixed issues with avatars not being perfect circles

  • Fixed API settings automatically saving when clicking on a header

  • Fixed changing connection names

  • Renamed “History” to “Activity” in record details

  • Removed “Pages” section header from app sidebar