Sidebar search bar

Screenshot of Basedash showing the command menu.

January 4, 2023

Sidebar search bar

We’ve updated the search bar in the sidebar to open our command menu with a powerful search engine. You can search for any page by its name, section name, or team name, then quickly navigate to it completely with the keyboard.

You can also trigger the command menu with a keyboard shortcut (⌘K or Ctrl + K) to navigate or take action in Basedash in just a few key presses.

Record creation form customization

We added the ability to customize the record creation form so that you can hide certain attributes. This lets you simplify your record creation flow to only show the essential attributes for you and your teammates.

You can configure this by editing a view, selecting the “Form” layout in the sidebar, and changing the “Optional in form” attributes. After updating the form attributes, you can change the view back to your preferred layout before saving.

Removal of connection tables

In the coming weeks, we will be removing the ability to access tables directly through the connections page. You'll still be able to access all of your data through views and queries, with the added benefit of having full control of permissions through teams. You'll also be able to take advantage of layouts, actions, and relations.

This is part of a larger change that will simplify navigation with a single unified sidebar, and allow for more organization through manual reordering.

Newly created workspaces already have this change applied, so this will only affect workspaces created more than a month ago. Affected users will see an alert in the app notifying you of the upcoming changes.

If you have any questions about this change, or want help transitioning your current workflows, send us a message.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added the ability to switch theme using the command menu (try ⌘K → ‘theme’)
  • Added dark mode for command menu
  • Added the ability to collapse the navigation sidebar
  • Added a search bar to the view creation modal
  • Added help text to when setting “primary attribute” on a table
  • Added the ability to remove Slack alerts
  • Removed record details sidebar from connection tables
  • Updated styling of command menu
  • Updated command menu to show team and section of a page for navigation
  • Updated default port for MySQL databases hosted on Google Cloud
  • Improved loading indication when opening a view or query
  • Fixed flash of “No records found” text when opening a view for the first time
  • Fixed editing filters and sorts on a view sometimes not working
  • Fixed some views crashing the app when opened
  • Fixed creating views on self-hosted deployments when an optional environment variable was missing
  • Fixed display image in list layout being slightly cut off on small screens
  • Fixed sidebar expand icon not appearing on views
  • Fixed placeholder display images not rendering
  • Fixed record details panel showing “Selected record” instead of the primary attribute
  • Fixed updating a profile photo not being reflected until refreshing the app
  • Fixed page names not showing in the team pages list
  • Fixed moving pages into a section if they were not part of a section before
  • Fixed some attribute labels showing as “undefined” in Slack notifications
  • Fixed updating records in SQL Server databases
  • Fixed “New team” button being visible for non-admins
  • Fixed some navigation commands in command menu linking to a 404 page
  • Fixed view limit not updating when deleting a team with views

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