Mar 13, 2023

Screenshot of page dropdown menu in Basedash.
Screenshot of page dropdown menu in Basedash.

Improved page management

Mar 13, 2023

We’ve made a huge number of improvements to how pages are managed in Basedash. We’ve unified page functionality across all page types (views, queries, actions), like being able to move between teams, add to Favorites, and duplicate. We’ve also unified the keyboard shortcuts for common actions on pages like copying the link or duplicating the page.

A lot of the changes we made are designed with the desktop app first, like tabs and keyboard shortcuts. If you’re a regular Basedash user, we recommend downloading our desktop app here.

Here’s a full list of the changes we made:

  • Added more options to the dropdown menu for pages in the sidebar

  • Added ability for page name and emoji to be edited inline in the action bar

  • Added ability for action pages to be favorited

  • Added ability to move action pages between teams

  • Added ability to set emoji on actions

  • Added keyboard shortcut for copying the current URL on desktop (⌘L)

  • Added keyboard shortcut hints in page dropdown menus

  • Added option to toggle favorite status in page dropdown menus

  • Added ability to reorder favorited pages

  • Added ability to duplicate actions

  • Added ability to open pages in a new tab on desktop by Cmd-Clicking on a page in the sidebar

  • Added dropdown menu for sidebar pages for non-admins

  • Improved view duplication to include relations

  • Simplified page URLs

Updated login + signup flow

We’ve updated the way we handle authentication to work with email-based magic links by default. This means that you no longer need to verify your email separately after signing up. You can still add a password to your account after signing up if you prefer to log in that way.

Redesigned emails

We’ve gone through and redesigned all of our transactional emails to look better and match the branding used across our app. The emails are now much easier to parse and take action on.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added step during onboarding to configure workspace details

  • Added a spinner to view creation when a data source is syncing

  • Added keyboard shortcut for creating a new record on desktop (⌘N)

  • Added keyboard shortcut for reloading records in a view or query (⌘⇧R)

  • Moved ‘Run query’ button to the top bar

  • Removed back button from connection settings header on desktop

  • Updated font used in SQL query editor

  • Updated font used in charts

  • Updated chart text color to match branding

  • Updated SQL query editor line number text color to match branding

  • Updated chart legend to only be visible on charts with multiple data sets

  • Updated naming of “Primary attribute” to “Display attribute”

  • Updated connection configuration page to show raw database names for tables and columns instead of display names

  • Updated CSV exports to take into account user-level filters and searches

  • Increased CSV download limit from 1,000 to 10,000

  • Improved styling of upgrade callout in the sidebar

  • Improved styling of ‘Run query’ button depending on whether the query editor is expanded

  • Improved search bar experience on views and queries

  • Improved alignment of labels on switch fields

  • Improved performance of loading views on tables containing foreign keys or enums

  • Fixed padding around charts

  • Fixed joined tables section not always being visible in view settings

  • Fixed record deletion on views with joins

  • Fixed date filter dropdown sometimes being positioned incorrectly

  • Fixed updating credentials on data sources with failed connections not updating immediately in the UI

  • Fixed creating views on tables with composite foreign keys

  • Fixed editing actions

  • Fixed styling of buttons in date picker dropdown on light mode

  • Fixed views not being able to load data for some time after removing/renaming a column from the underlying database table

  • Fixed date formatting in activity feed

  • Fixed sidebar becoming unresponsive after deleting a team

  • Fixed record creation panel not being able to be closed when “Create more” is toggled on

  • Fixed view relations showing “Empty” when the related view contained a join

  • Fixed data source settings panel not loading for databases with multiple schemas

  • Fixed padding of ‘select’ and date inputs being slightly larger than other inputs